Alberta Fire Damage Aerial Inspection

The wildfire situation in Fort McMurray, Alberta is leaving us speechless. The sheer magnitude of this horrific event is still unknown, however everyone is bracing for the worst. With insurance companies already predicting damage to be in the billions, it is clear that this is an event unlike any other in this province.

Alberta Fire Damage Aerial InspectionFollowing up with the future claims that are going to arise out of Fort McMurray, we wanted to make you aware that we also do aerial inspections of fire damage. Everything from photos and video, search and rescue, and mapping large ortho images of the destruction.

While these photos aren’t of Fort McMurray, they aren’t too far away and show the damage that even a small fire can cause. This one was caused by a small bonfire along the river, that ignited the adjacent trees and grassland.

Alberta Fire Damage Aerial InspectionThe once pristine riverfront is now destroyed due to fire, so we were called in to conduct an aerial inspection of the fire damage. Thankfully the fire department was able to stop the fire from ripping through the entire river valley of the North Saskatchewan River.

It’s really disappointing to see things like this. While not deliberate, it’s still sad to see the destruction and loss of the natural beauty that once was. Thankfully it seems that nobody was hurt in this particular fire.

Alberta Fire Damage Aerial InspectionOnce the fire is under control in Fort McMurray, we will respond to conduct inspections, documentation, and aerial mapping of the devastation that has affected the region. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that are directly affected by this tragedy, and we look forward to helping you rebuild in any way that we can.

If you have a need for UAV/Drone work in the Fort McMurray region, or any other region that has recently been affected by the Alberta wildfires, please contact us anytime at 587-991-0997 or email as we are ready to rapidly respond to the region from Edmonton.

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