After seeing the maternity photos that we shot a few weeks ago on the downtown Edmonton footbridge, the group behind Save Edmonton’s Downtown Footbridge contacted me and asked if there was anything we can do to promote their cause. After some brainstorming, the result is this beautiful aerial video!

We met at the crack of dawn to ensure that we had the bridge to ourselves, and captured some amazing views of the bridge, the downtown Edmonton skyline, and the North Saskatchewan River. I played my cards close during the shoot, saying that it looked good, but I knew that I had captured something amazing and couldn’t wait to show the group.

What did they think?

“Absolutely FANTASTIC!! It’s exactly what I was hoping… a view/video of the bridge with the surrounding parkland. Beautiful. This is great. I’m going to forward to the others, but I’m sure everyone will feel the same. Thanks so much for doing this. I can’t wait to get it out on Facebook, etc.” – Gillian Austin

“I agree with Gillian, Chris.  Rocky commented on the high quality of the picture.  Well put together!!  Thanks. Likewise, can’t wait to share it.” – Eric Gormley

“Beautiful! I love how you can see Munchkin’s tail wagging! Thank you so much—for the video, and for the time we all spent together on the footbridge this morning.” – Kristine Kowalchuk

“Echoing Gillian and Kristine. Just about cried seeing the beauty of what we are about to lose. So amazing what we have. Thank you so much” – Valery Howard

Let me know what you think 🙂

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