Downtown Edmonton Aerial Sunset Photo

I’ve been meaning to get an aerial photo of the downtown Edmonton skyline at sunset for a while now, and tonight was the night that I finally timed it right and got the shot. Ok maybe it’s not the shot, but it’s pretty decent for a first attempt at an aerial sunset!

Downtown Edmonton Aerial Sunset Photo

With the cloud cover and setting sun, I assumed that the colours were really going to come alive tonight, but instead they just teased my lens a little. What wasn’t disappointing though was the always amazing view of the downtown Edmonton skyline from Gallagher Park! The downtown skyline combined with the aerial camera angle is pretty amazing isn’t it?

With the amazing fall weather and zero wind, I wasn’t the only one photographing in the park tonight…

Downtown Edmonton Sunset

Anyway, the aerial photo of the skyline was what I was after, and it’s what I’m most pleased about. Stay tuned as there will be more! And remember, I’m one of the only federally certified and insured UAV aerial photographers in the Edmonton area, so please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at or call me anytime at 587-991-0997.

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