When it comes to promoting farmland for an upcoming auction, nothing can beat aerial photos and video! Check out this video of 5 quarters in Westlock County, located just northwest of Edmonton.

The above farmland is going to auction in May, and we’ve created an aerial video showing off all five quarters. For the other realtors that are reading, don’t fret as we also have still photos are that perfect for online listings and flyer blasts.

As you can see from the video, you gain a true understanding of what the land is like and what you’re potentially going to be buying. This is obviously leaps and bounds ahead of a ground based photograph that simply shows a tree line, or an empty field.

Aerial photo of Westlock Farmland

How do we do this?

We utilize our fleet of drones to capture beautiful aerial video and photos from angles that just aren’t possible from traditional aircraft. We’ve been flying for years now, and have promoted residential, rural, farmland, and commercial properties via our aerial photos and video. We use our flight experience to create beautiful and effective promotional videos for you to help sell your property! Want something similar for your property? Contact us and let’s start working on something awesome today!

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