Alberta farm aerial photo

Another aerial photo set in the series where we had to wait until after Christmas is this one of a central Alberta dairy farm!

Alberta farm aerial photo

This farm located near Ponoka, Alberta was a fun one for us as we had to remain stealth during the operation in order not to ruin the surprise! We of course had permission to fly the property, but the receiver of the aerial photo of the farm as a Christmas present was out in the yard throughout the entire shoot! We were basically told that if he came and asked us what we were doing to “make something up.” Thankfully we didn’t get questioned by the farmer!

Alberta farm aerial photo

The best part of the whole aerial photography operation for us is the reaction of people when they receive the finished product. We weren’t there this time to see it in action, but after Christmas we received the following email including a photo of the print:

Here is a photo of the picture. The lighting is terrible and a picture from another wall is reflecting in the glass. It looks way better in person! We love it so much. Sometimes I catch Ronny just standing by the wall looking at it. – Krystal Braam

Isn’t that awesome? Do you have a farm or rural property that you’d like an aerial photo of? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or call 587-991-0997 anytime. We are one of very few federally certified and insured aerial photography companies in Alberta, so be sure to go with us as we are the only one that provides same day service! That’s right, we’ll photograph your property and get the photos back to you that same day!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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