Alberta oilfield pipeline aerial photo

We received a request to take some oilfield aerial photos of a northern Alberta oilfield pipeline project, with direction to show the whole scale of the operation. Guess what, that’s exactly what we did for them!

Aerial photo of an Alberta oilfield pipeline project

The company had previously used airplanes and helicopters to take photos of their oilfield projects, but decided to bring in the drones to get a new perspective. What did they think of the photos? Check this out:

These are amazing! Drone photography is better then I imagined it would be! Even better than a Heli!

Alberta oilfield aerial photo of the pipeline

I agree that these photos are even better than what you can get with a helicopter. As you can see, the angles and altitudes that are possible with a UAV are far better than traditional aircraft. We also lucked out and had some dynamite weather as it was actually warm up there and we had clear skies. The warm weather also contributed to the staff being in a good mood, and many of them wanted to chat about the drone and ask for a drone selfie (dronie). Here is an example of an aerial dronie:

Alberta oilfield pipeline aerial photo

Once again our aerial photography services proved to be invaluable to our client. They wanted to show the magnitude of the project, and thats what we delivered to them. Oh and turn around time? As always, same day turn around with the photos delivered just a few hours after the shoot was complete!

If you’d like aerial photos of your oilfield project, don’t hesitate to contact us at or by phone anytime at 587-991-0997.

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