Stream-Flo Commercial Aerial Video

We recently completed a commercial aerial video that not only showed the scale of Stream-Flo’s outdoor operations, but also included some indoor flight!

This video was created to enhance Stream-Flo‘s global reach, and specifically for an upcoming European trade mission. As with many things, you can describe your operation all day long, but actually showing everyone is definitely the best way to market your business and operations!


We faced a few challenges in this shoot as we had to ensure there wasn’t any interference inside the factory that would affect the drone flight. We identified a few pieces of machinery and locations within the factory that weren’t suitable for flight, but we were able to safely work around them without any issues.

This shoot was a lot of fun as we had the challenge of flying indoors and around a series of obstacles. We also had the fun task of trying to keep the staff at work and not staring at the drone as it flew past their workstations! 😉

Overall I think this video is awesome, and Stream-Flo was impressed with the outcome! If you’re interested in promoting your company or organization in a similar manner, please let us know via email at or by calling Chris directly at 587-991-0997. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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