Commercial & Oilfield Aerial Photography

Some industrial and oil field projects are unique in that your clients and customers know what the end product is, but they miss out on the entire scope of the project. An aerial photo or video of your oil field rig or industrial site is an excellent way to present your work to your clients and investors.

Commercial oilfield aerial photography
Commercial oilfield aerial photography
Commercial oilfield aerial photography

Commercial projects, whether it be a new development or an existing property that you’re looking to lease, an aerial photo or video taken with a UAV system is an excellent way to market to your customers.

Imagine the difference between just describing a property based on it’s address, versus being able to show a high resolution aerial shot of the property, adjacent properties, major roads, and vehicular/pedestrian traffic. Yes, that aerial photo of your site is definitely going to show off your property in a unique and interesting way.

Additionally, UAV aerial photography allows for angles and altitudes that aren’t accessible with standard airplanes and helicopters. You can have your site photographed from as little as a few feet all the way up to a few hundred feet, and be able to obtain both close up and wide angle shots of your project.

Benefits of UAV aerial photography for commercial, industrial, and oil field projects:

  • Wide angle to get a grasp on the entire area
  • Close ups of the specific piece of land, building, rig or project
  • Show out of town clients that are unfamiliar with the location what it’s really like
  • Angles and altitudes that aren’t achievable with traditional aircraft
  • UAV photography is green and has little to no carbon footprint

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Remember we are one of very few legally certified and insured UAV operators in the Edmonton area, so don’t be fooled by an illegal operator and potentially face one of those huge fines! Let’s fly safely and legally, and get you some dynamite aerial photos and videos!