Downtown Edmonton Panorama from 778' Above Ground!

You've never seen downtown Edmonton like this before!

We were provided the unique opportunity to shoot future view aerial panoramas from several of the floors of the new Residences at ICE District, and wanted to share the top floor view with you! Check out what your view could be from the 69th floor, or just enjoy a unique perspective of downtown Edmonton and the never ending panoramic views of our beautiful city!

Navigational Instructions

Computer – Click on the image, and drag your cursor around to take in the view in 360 degrees! Alternatively, use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move around. Be sure to zoom in a little as well with your trackpad our mouse, to really see some detail!

Mobile – Tap on the image and swipe left or right to change your view, and be sure to pinch to zoom in and out!

Project Information

When a new building is going up, it’s easy to say that the views from each floor are going to be spectacular, but it’s far better to show your customers what the view will actually be! By sending our drones up and creating stunning panoramas like this, you can show your customers exactly what that million dollar view will be! We created beautiful panoramas and directional photos for several of the key floors in the Residences at ICE District, which will be used to show off the overall panoramic view from each floor, as well as specific directions from each suite!

This was a unique project that required special permissions and coordination from many levels of government, property owners, and several airspace users. Our proven track record and professionalism provided necessary approvals from all levels, and we were able to fly this high risk project without incident!

Aerial panorama shot right over downtown Edmonton!

Want something like this for your project?

As you can see from the above panorama, we are able to provide high quality, perfectly stitched imagery that made our client very happy! If you’re looking for future view panoramas or photography for your project, please get in touch via email or call Chris directly at 587-991-0997. We look forward to hearing from you!

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