Edmonton City Centre Airport Aerial Photo

As we approach the one year anniversary of the Edmonton City Centre Airport closure, I decided to take an aerial photo of the old airport and downtown Edmonton skyline today just before sunset.

When the runways were finally closed, there were lofty promises of a world class community to be built on the former airport site. Here is a quote from popular Edmonton blogger Mack D. Male last December.

I feel more now than ever that closing the City Centre Airport was the right decision for Edmonton, and I look forward to the incredibly positive impact that the Blatchford Redevelopment will have on our city. Mack D. Male – December 2013

Earlier this year, the always entertaining Malcolm Mayes sketched his thoughts in his June 12, 2014 political cartoon in the Edmonton Journal.

So where are we now? Where is the redevelopment? As you can see, there hasn’t been any. A couple of the old hangars on the Kingsway Ave side have been torn down, but as for actual redevelopment there hasn’t been any… on Blatchford Field that is. The actual (re)development as a result of the Edmonton City Centre Airport Closure has been in the form of downtown office and condo towers.

Edmonton City Centre Airport Aerial Photo

This photo is one to preserve the memory of the infrastructure we used to have downtown, and to show the 2014 downtown Edmonton skyline. See where that runway points to the left of the current towers? It’s a given that section of downtown is going to drastically change in years to come. As for Blatchford? Time will tell, but does it remind anyone else of the old gas station lot on Whyte Avenue that sat empty for 16 years?

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