The Mechanized River Valley Access project, also known as the Edmonton River Valley Funicular project, has broken ground, and the piles are starting to be placed. With such a unique location, Almita Piling took the opportunity to showcase their talent via aerial video!

Edmonton River Valley Funicular ProjectWe filmed and produced the following video, which was very well received by our client Almita Piling“It looks great! Thanks for the hard work. I’m impressed by the quality of work we received.”

As demonstrated in the video, this project is quite challenging due to the steep slope of the river valley, but we were able to safely fly and film everything that Almita was looking to showcase.

Mechanized River Valley Access project is expected to be completed in July 2017, at a cost of $24 million. The project consists of the promontory, stairs, funicular, promenade, bridge, lookout and the elevator, and is poised to be new downtown destination. Once the Funicular and entire project is complete, it will allow for barrier free access to the beautiful Edmonton river valley.

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