Aerial photo of vacant land near Edmonton

Picked up another gig shooting some aerial photos of a vacant parcel of land just east of Edmonton near Elk Island National Park.

The weather was beautiful this weekend which allowed for some more incredible aerial photos of rural real estate. This 20 acre parcel of land is completely undeveloped, and is naturally set near Elk Island. While I was photographing the area I observed a few deer off in the distance, and even an old chuck wagon roll through the fields to the east.

Aerial photo of vacant land near Edmonton

It was brutally windy out there on Saturday when I shot these photos, but my machine is incredibly stable and still allowed for some dynamite shots. There is also one huge benefit to being out in the farmland like that on a windy day… no mosquitos! There were a few horses in the adjacent property that came to the fence to see what was going on, but other than that it was extremely secluded place to catch an early season sunburn!

Aerial photo of vacant land near Edmonton

Anyway this is another very nice piece of property that I shot from the air, where both the realtor and the land owner were extremely happy with the results. If you would like some aerial photos or video, please call/text us at 587-991-0997 or email

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