Golf Course Aerial Photography

There is no better way to promote your golf course than from the air!

Golf Course Aerial Photography

There is no better way to promote your golf course than from the air!

Project: Trestle Creek Golf Resort

Instead of the typical golf course photos from the tee box and an overhead illustration of the course layout, why not truly showcase it with golf course aerial photos and a hole by hole fly through video? That exactly what Trestle Creek Golf Resort west of Edmonton was looking for when they hired us to fly their ever expanding golf resort.

Traditional Marketing Methods

Typical Golf Course Scorecard Aerial View

Golf Course Scorecard

Traditionally, golf courses have relied on simulated aerial illustrations to show the course layout. Additionally, the scorecard provides hole by hole distances. These methods have been around for ages, but unfortunately don’t give golfers a true feel for the course. What if there is a better way?

Golf Course Tee to Green Fly-through via Drone

This video is a snippet of the full production that we created for Trestle Creek. The focus of the video was smooth tee to green fly-throughs via drone, with focus on the greens at the end. Additionally, we also created presentations of all of the park model communities, waterslides, tennis courts, sports fields, and clubhouses within the resort.

The entire presentation has been utilized at industry trade shows to continually generate interest in Trestle Creek Golf Resort. They’ve also got our footage playing on repeat in the pro shop, which allows golfers to really get a feel for the course right before stepping into the first tee box.

Overall, this project has been a massive success, and Trestle Creek has been able to benefit immensely from the aerial exposure only available via drone.

Let's promote your golf course!

By now you understand how valuable this type of marketing can be for your golf course! We’d love to discuss how we can develop a unique marketing video with a golf course fly through, as well as get you some updated aerial photos of your golf course. Packages can be customized to your preference, flying the entire course, or only shooting your featured holes.

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