Growing up in Edmonton, I have fond memories of learning to ski at Snow Valley Ski Club. I can still remember gathering in the school gym before we got on the bus out to the hill, wondering what it was going to be like, and if I was going to transform into an Olympic ski jumper by the end of the lesson. That didn’t happen, but what did happen is now years later with this aerial video that I flew and shot for Snow Valley!

This was a fun promo video to make as we had great weather (on the right side of zero), and also had a lot of excited staff that wanted to get in on the shoot! Even better than the excitement that was created on the hill that day before it opened to the public, was the reaction from Snow Valley upon delivering the final product to them:

Wow! Looks awesome! I love it! Thanks again Chris it looks amazing each time I watch it.

I can’t replicate the colour in this post, but the word “Wow!” was in big bold red text! They went on to say, “Nothing says ‘wow’ like large text in red, I say.”

This one was a blast to fly and produce, and I’m really happy with the results and the reaction from Snow Valley. I hope that you’ve also enjoyed this video, and either want to hit up Snow Valley for a couple of runs, or hire us to create another awesome aerial video for you as well! Don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling me directly at 587-991-0997 or sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create something awesome!

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