Downtown Edmonton Aerial Maternity Photo

Ever thought about doing something different for your special moments? How about this unique idea that we had to incorporate aerial photography into a maternity photo shoot! How’d it go? Well, the photos speak for themselves, but this quote from our client seriously sums it up: “I can’t get over these pictures! These drone photos make it look like we are the only ones in the entire city!”

Downtown Edmonton Aerial Maternity PhotoI love these photos as they weren’t the entire focus of the shoot. We were there to capture some amazing sunrise photography of this couple and their bump, however the light was absolutely perfect and almost demanded that we bring out the drone to capture a few aerial photos!

Generally a shoot like this would be impossible with the number of people utilizing the bridge, but since we were out there at the crack of dawn to catch the beautiful sunrise, we were able to safely and legally pull off this aerial shoot!

Downtown Edmonton Aerial Maternity PhotoI love these photos as it truly does make it look like the couple had the entire city of Edmonton to themselves. Everything from being alone on the Cloverdale Footbridge, to the sleepy city skyline in the background helped produce an unreal keepsake!

As always, if you’d like some aerial photos or videos taken, regardless of the event, we’d love to hear from you! You can call Chris any time at 587-991-0997 or email – we look forward to hearing from you!

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