Sunridge Ski Area Aerial Photo & Video

UAV North is proud to present our latest drone aerial video production, filmed this week at Sunridge Ski Area located on the east side of Edmonton near Sherwood Park! This video showcases the full arsenal of fun that can be had at the ski resort! Let’s take a look…

We lucked out and had the perfect day for shooting at the ski hill. A fresh snowfall combined with blue skies and zero wind allowed us to get some dynamite video of all the fun to be had at Sunridge! Sunridge boasts a chairlift, large wide runs, several terrain parks, and an awesome tube park!

Flying and filming the Sunridge staff as they enjoyed all the fun in the park was a bit of a catch 22 as I was having a blast flying the UAV and setting up the scenes, but I also wanted to jump on a tube or strap a board on and hit the terrain park. Obviously I stuck with flying the UAV as we we’re there to shoot a promotional video, but I’ll definitely be back to take in some tubing.

Sunridge Ski Area Aerial Photo & Video

Speaking of tubing? Every single person that I showed the video to also said that they would be heading down to try it out as well as it looks like so much fun.

As you can see from watching the aerial video that we shot at Sunridge Ski Area, that this is an excellent way to promote a ski resort! We can capture angles, varying altitudes, and a true representation of the fun to be had at the resort!

If you have a ski resort or any other type of property that you’d like to promote through aerial photos and video, we’d love to hear from you. We are one of very few Transport Canada certified and insured aerial photographers in the Edmonton area, so be safe and go with us! In addition to legal and safe operation, we also provide same day service!

Contact us now at or call 587-991-0997 so we can discuss your aerial photo and video project!

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