Aerial photo of the North Saskatchewan River and Downtown Edmonton

This week’s Why I Like This Photo comes from an aerial photo I took during a trip down to the footbridge over the North Saskatchewan River in downtown Edmonton.

I was recently contacted by a member of the downtown community that is concerned with the new SE LRT extension, and the changes it will cause to the Edmonton river valley. They were kind enough to ask if they could use some of my other photos from this area in their campaign to save the footbridge, which I gladly let them do. I wasn’t initially aware of it, but it looks like the new SE LRT extension is going to be right through this spot over the North Saskatchewan River from the downtown core, causing this footbridge to be ripped out.

I have read reports that there will be a new foot bridge installed adjacent to the new LRT bridge across the river, but I still think it’s going to cause more damage than good. Yes, we need LRT expansion, but there has to be another way. How about underground like every other major city in the world? Or why not cross at an alternative point, or better yet, use the current crossing adjacent to the High Level Bridge, and then branch the SE LRT expansion out from one of the University area LRT stations? Just a few thoughts that may have been examined already, but I thought I’d throw them out there.

Anyway, this photo was taken on May 7, 2014 over the North Saskatchewan River facing west at the footbridge and the river leading towards the downtown Edmonton skyline. I like this photo because it’s taken from a different perspective than most in this area, and also because if the bridge does get ripped out, this is a view that will be no longer sometime in the very near future. The river is sure a disgusting colour this time of year, but hopefully it’ll change soon.

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